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Aboriginal Advocacy Program staff can assist and work with older people/ Elders (family and/ or legal representatives)

  • Provide information about the rights, entitlements and responsibilities accessing aged care services, including mainstream services and/ or Aboriginal-specific services.
  • Provide information and communicate on issues of concern, or cultural barriers, that may prevent access to services
  • To have their identity, culture and diversity valued and supported, and develop a culturally effective communication across the aged care services
  • To access appropriate community or residential aged care services and support care concerns
  • Represent or speak on behalf of the older person's
  • Support to assist the older person/ Elder to speak up and resolve their concerns
  • Give strategies to assist the older person/ Elder’s to protect themselves if they are at risk of or experiencing Elder abuse from a family, friend or a person in a trusted relationship.

The abuse might be physical, psychological, financial, and sexual or neglect.

An advocate can provide information to assist to exercise your right to live free from elder abuse and to safeguard your future.